About news service CSS and HTML codes to edit your web page in WordPress

About news service CSS and HTML codes to edit your web page in WordPress

Content managers like WordPress allow you to do almost everything very easily without the need to know web code, but sometimes it is interesting to be able to do very specific things with your template to go a bit further in terms of personalizing the topic and achieving a result even better than what a priori you could achieve. I’ll tell you in this post!

If you go to your website and click on the right button and then see the source code of the page, what you will see is the HTML and CSS code with which your site is built.   Founder Email Database These codes are created automatically by your CMS so that your website can be viewed on the internet. If you work with a content manager you do not have to implement them manually, but knowing them a bit can make real wonders.Founder Email Database

Premium templates usually have a wide section of options to easily modify almost all elements of your website, such as colors, backgrounds, font styles, etc. But, what if there are elements and zones of the template that you can not modify because they are not included in the options?


Neuronas espejo Copywriting Learn how to modify your template and do everything you want on your website
Combining the good management of your template with the knowledge of basic codes for websites allows you to make fully professional pages without any limitation. And you will be able to do it in a fairly fast and easy way.

In this article I’m not going to teach you how to be an expert in web code, but I’m going to try to explain in an entertaining way how to know the basics and then, when you have learned the necessary, I will give you a list of tricks with code so that You can do things like:

Remove the publication date of your posts
Make disappear any element of your page
Change colors and sizes to fonts, buttons, backgrounds
Add code in your widgets
Change margins or spaces between elements
Customize 100% the responsive behavior of your template according to devices
Add banners with HTML
8 38What is CSS and what is it for?
CSS is a code that works with HTML and is used to modify everything related to style, ie colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

For example, using a CSS rule I can redefine the style of all h1 tags (titles 1 of my website) so that from now on they have a size of 36 pixels, black color and Open Sans typography. The way to do it would be by placing the following code in the CSS style sheet:

h1 {
font-size: 36px;
color: # 000;
font-family: ‘Open Sans’;
With CSS you can also make disappear the elements of your template that you want to remove by entering a simple line of code. You’ll see it in this post a little later.

In addition, with CSS you can fully customize the responsive behavior of your template, that is, see what you want on each device.


4 35 What is HTML and what is it for?
In broad strokes we can say that HTML is a code used to create the basic structure of a website, header, content, footer, sidebars, etc. It works through predefined labels to which you can modify their styles using CSS.

Therefore, it could be said that the CSS code is used to modify and customize the HTML.

Learning HTML and CSS is not difficult, with a little practice and using logic you will be able to convert a basic template into a professional website, even though your template does not include many customization options.

Pay close attention to the initial explanation in which I will teach you to select the elements of your web and then modify them in your style sheet.

Checklist to publish WELL a new web page design

Checklist to publish WELL a new web page design

Today I am going to show you a list of tips that you should not overlook when publishing a new website design. There are 33 points that you must take into account before publicizing the new design of your website.  Owner Email Database I have prepared a list that you can check to see which ones you already have.

In order for your website to transmit as much professionalism as possible, you must polish a series of details that will make a difference. The main objective of this checklist is to avoid all those errors that may transmit a bad brand image, worsen your SEO or improve the user experience possible.

Owner Email Database

Marking Checklist of the 33 points:
First impression
Works well on all devices

Consistent with your branding

Coherence in typographies

Includes favicon

Consistency in design


Cookies policy

Legal contents

Links to social networks

Links to share in social networks

Contact forms work correctly

Check the default category of your tickets

Friendly urls

Check your website in all browsers


RSS Feed

Check your texts

Stable menu with your final sections

Titles and meta descriptions

Remove all Demo content

Redirecting urls

Roles of correct users

Location data


Call to action (CTA)

Target of the links

Difference the advertising of the contents

Avoid the Captchas

Texts in the same language throughout the web

Avoid stock images that transmit little

Clear and transparent prices

Contrast between text and images


Each of the points explained:
83First printing:
Users who arrive at your website must identify your main message at first glance. You must put yourself in the skin of your target and determine if they will receive the correct message.

They must also see at first glance what you do, what you offer or what you sell. This first impression is very important.

You do not want your visitors to have no idea about what your website is about when they arrive, so make sure that in the Home of your site you have placed enough information that transmits a clear and powerful main message.


27 Check that it works well on all devices.
That your template is responsive does not mean that all its elements are going to adapt correctly to all devices.

There are many levels of responsiveness, and although your website is seen correctly on computers and mobile phones, you should check that all the elements that make up are adapted in the best way possible.

Check that all texts are correctly scaled on smaller screens, as well as shortcodes, elements that contain animations, subscription and contact forms, and texts by Sliders.

About news service Tips from 9 specialists to make ads on the internet

About news service Tips from 9 specialists to make ads on the internet

Companies look for professionals who know about SEM strategies and advertising on Facebook, Instagram and websites, but doing it well is not always easy. Finance Executive Email Database We have spoken with 9 specialists in Online Marketing to tell us their secrets and thus to make a guide of good practices among all when creating campaigns and advertisements on the Internet.

Surely you have asked yourself more than once:Finance Executive Email Database

What is better, Adwords or Facebook Ads? Job Interview Attitude
How is the perfect announcement made?
What do I put in the ad to get more clicks?
How do I improve my CTR?
How do you segment to reach my target audience?
What do I do to make my campaign profitable?
Throughout the post we will try to answer them all and also contribute our grain of sand if you are preparing the certification and Adwords exams. If you already do campaigns, it may be a good time to specialize and maybe learn something new 😉

Personal Brand guest blogger Personal Guest bloggerTips to make ads on the Internet
Finch Carlos Pinzón
Sem Manager at Wanatop
“Google AdWords is much more than the search network”
It is a complete online marketing suite that offers great possibilities beyond text ads in the search network. In this case I will talk about remarketing but, more than talking about remarketing ad recommendations, I would like to show you a strategy that you can apply whenever you offer more than one product or main service. It’s about cross-selling remarketing.

For example, imagine that you have an ecommerce in which you sell photo cameras (main product). With AdWords you can create a list of users who have bought it (conversion list) and in this way you can design a cross-selling remarketing campaign offering these users accessories to the main product such as covers, tripods, more powerful objectives, etc. In this way you will impact a small group of users but are highly qualified to make a new purchase, which gives a high profitability to this type of campaign.

“Design specific banners in your remarketing campaigns”
To correctly run a cross-selling remarketing campaign, you take great care of the message and creativity with specific banners. Some tips to keep in mind are:

Logo / name of your store: if they have already bought you, they already know you, and this is the main asset you must exploit, so if the name / logo of your business must always be on display, in this case it is essential .
Images of the accessory products to the principal that you want to offer. Do not forget to make a reference to the main product so that you remember it and associate it with the accessory you offer now.
Do not forget to include calls to action visible in the advertisement, convincing and even with prices and promotions whenever possible.
Use the ad builder to go fast or personalize them with Google Web Designer.
It complements with a customer match campaign thanks to which you can show these personalized ads to your buyers making them appear at the top of your gmail inbox.
As you can see, AdWords is much more than the search network and above all it offers us multiple options in order to propose new strategies for our business.

30 grandísimos ejemplos de cómo hacer Marketing de Contenidos

30 grandísimos ejemplos de cómo hacer Marketing de Contenidos

Milena González, Community Manager specialized in Social Media, has made a great selection of 30 good examples of Content Marketing practiced by brands. Executive Officer Email Database The contents are the best way for companies to connect with users. These real cases can be of inspiration and reference.

Milena González Content Marketing is the art of communication with your ideal client without having to sell. I have divided the examples by categories according to the format used. I hope they help you and give you many ideas. Let’s go there!

Applications Marketing ContentApplicationsExecutive Officer Email Database
Mobile devices are increasingly implanted and for that reason they do not stop appearing applications in the market. Brands, aware of this reality, work in this very singular form of content in order to include them in a strategy of interaction with users.

The development of applications aims to take advantage of the advantages of mobile. The contact list, the voice recognition, the camera of the device, the resource of portability and what is perhaps its best asset: geolocation. However, the competition is atrocious and it is difficult to find an application capable of really connecting with the user, of falling in love with it and capturing it. More than 96% of applications are abandoned within a few weeks of being installed.

A significant factor is that the application is complete, that it works well, that it fulfills what it promises.


Not all apps are examples of content marketing
Many companies have opted for the creation of applications that facilitate the user to purchase their products or services. These applications are intended to improve the shopping experience and increase sales. They are fundamental for ecommerce. In this article we are not going to talk about them, but those that offer a content of value to the user, that is, they solve a problem and put it in contact with the brand.


1. Adidas MiCoach: the classic
Brand: Adidas

This year will be a decade since Adidas launched the MiCoach range in 2006 with Samsung. It was a response to the pioneer “Nike + iPod” that Nike had put in place at the hands of Apple.

It is nothing new, but for me it is the perfect model of everything an application can do for a brand, a true case study.

As an application, MiCoach is possibly the best mobile physical trainer for users. Configured with the voice of elite athletes (soccer player David Villa, for the Spanish version, for example), this personal trainer generates an excellent customer experience.

It works:

Adidas connects perfectly with your Buyer Persona (runners, sports lovers, beginners and not) through this very complete application that meets your fitness needs.
It has several types of predetermined workouts ranging from completely flat to other more intensive training. That is, it covers a large number of possible profiles.
The app has its own blog from which it generates useful material for its followers (tips to face a marathon, what foods according to what training …)
From your Twitter account, MiCoach connects with your community through the hashtag #findyourmore, which serves as a stimulus to users who see their goals achieved or who set new goals. The hashtag is totally inspiring and does not mention the brand.
MiCoach range: The list of associated products almost reaches ten and will not stop growing; like the FIT Smart, a fitness and running watch with activity tracking that fits perfectly into the MiCoach concept.

How to create a Calendar and Content Plan for your Blog news service

How to create a Calendar and Content Plan for your Blog news service

Creating a calendar and content plan both your blog and social networks is more than necessary if you want to create a strategy to capture traffic and customers in the medium and long term, and what is more important,  email  list  it is necessary to optimize this strategy correctly so if you have a blog grab Excel and a notebook and take notes.Related image

Jesús Madurga Having a calendar and content plan in your strategy is the difference between fishing with a rod or fishing with your hand. Now you yourself value if it is worth having one.

What is a content plan and what is it for?

Definition of content plan

“A content plan is the method by which we create and program our calendar and content strategy in our blog, social networks, email marketing …”


Although in this case we are going to focus on the calendar and content plan for blog, this should be a joint strategy to attract customers online. Creating a strategy will allow you to program recruitment actions over time, improve those channels that are worse results or boost those that are working better.


What is a content plan for?

A content plan adds a lot of value to any brand. Among others, its greatest benefits are:

Improve brand image: Improve your brand image by disseminating valuable content. The reader will have more in mind your brand if your content is of quality and will see you as an expert in that matter, so that in the medium and long term your brand image as a reference in the sector will improve. This if you create items as they occur to you is practically impossible.

Get web traffic: Getting traffic is one of the greatest virtues of the content, since this will be the one that brings clients afterwards. Achieving quality traffic in abundance depends on the strategy we have planned, hence the importance of this strategy in the online marketing of the company.

Planning the times: Sometimes we do not have time to do everything or we have not calculated well. This with a content plan will never happen to you, or if it happens to you it will be the first time, afterwards you will already know the time that each task takes you and if you plan realistically you will always give time to everything.

Achieve the objectives: If you do not set goals you are more likely to put less effort into the tasks because there is no minimum to meet. With a content plan, you will be able to establish minimum objectives that will make you work harder to achieve them.

Optimize actions: With a content plan you will have a history of the actions taken, so you can see which ones have worked best and why to repeat them again and which ones have been the worst to improve them or stop doing them, with what you can take a constant optimization of your online marketing strategy.


Steps to create a content plan for the blog

Analysis Plan of ContentsAnalyze the current situation

A brief, concise situation analysis and highlighting the key points is how we do it in NeoAttack and how I recommend you do it. It is useless to make a hyper-extensive analysis since we will have to fine-tune it often, so that something concise and to the point in this case will be much better.