On March 9, 2018, Google made another of the dreaded updates to its algorithm  USA consumer email database  . The SEO experts live this moment with much anticipation as it always affects traffic of the websites of our customers.

After a time spent analyzing these changes in the algorithm we could see, the entire Mediaclick team, which is the trend of the new algorithm, which is what it takes into account to favor the organic positioning of one website with respect to another.

We detail the keys that we consider most important of this new change of the algorithm of Google

If your website has noticed a significant decrease in traffic, it is basically that the visibility of your competitors has stood out more in the eyes of the search engine, giving rise to a higher position in keywords.

Google rewards quality content, high quality websites have benefited compared to its competitors. If this is your case, pay attention to the following section.

If we want our website to upload several positions in the Google SERPs, we must follow a series of recommendations:


The maxim ” content is king ” is not in vain. Providing quality content that helps the user is still one of the most important aspects to achieve web positioning. Optimize titles, descriptions and content length , being more dense and direct. Remember to focus more on quality over quantity. The more veracity and semantic richness, the more benefits with Google.

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Gone are the times where we only had the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). Safe browsing at the hands of the secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) provide greater security. Those websites that do not implement this protocol will lose positions without hesitation.


The WOP factor or Web Performance Optimization has a lot of weight if we want to improve our loading time. Optimizing our website will facilitate a more pleasant and pleasant interaction for the user.


Easily surfing the web is basic on the internet. A practical design, that is, clean, offering the best possible experience for the consumer. Therefore, analyze the route since the user lands on your website, will allow you to find the failures that prevented to retain Internet users for some time.   


The arrival of smartphones has been a technological revolution. That is why we work to visualize web content from mobile devices. On many occasions the navigation has been frustrating and slow. Therefore the AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is born so that the loading speed is greater. Google values ​​and rewards those adapted websites. Go hand in hand with technology, they are only advantages.


Although Google itself ensures that social networks are not part of the factors of positioning of a page. Social networks can position the profiles of your brand in the search engine , increasing the entry routes to your website and, thereby, generating more traffic. 


Being a list of all the pages on your website. The sitemap is a file that offers a view of how your website is structured and what content is available to the search engine. It is advisable to constantly check that our pages are correctly indexed in Google. It is vital to know the reasons why Google does not index your website .

We can still find more options to counteract the Google algorithm. Even so, the points mentioned above should be the basis to help you.


Unfortunately we can not make predictions about what can happen. For now, the only measure is to keep up with the changes that may occur in the network . In the end, all the power of decision rests with Google. Because every time, the algorithm is more precise and demanding. Being prepared is not an option but a necessity.

Politicians in social networks

Politicians in social networks

The most outstanding news of the last days in social media and Social Media

As every week we bring you our summary of the most outstanding news of the last days in the world of Social Media and the social networksthat we have published in Genbeta Social Media  email database  . Google+ has been the main protagonist, although we have also had time to review the presence of politics in social networks and we even recommend a network not as well known as the big three. Can you come with us?

The news of the week was given by Google+ with the qualification of their highly anticipated company pages. We take a look at them and we teach you how to create your own page. We also give you four tips to get the most out of them, and ojito with the fine print as we also warn you that you can not make contests or publish discount coupons in them.

Politics and Twitter will go hand in hand until the day of the General Elections and will surely continue to give a lot to talk about, as they did during the debate last week. El Diario Público is aware of this and has created an application to measure the mentions that each candidate has on Twitter. From a very different monitoring we talked when we commented that the CIA monitors more than 5 million tweets every day.

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What are the Facebook pages that generate more activity? Well, surprise us or not, those related to religious issues. Following Mark Zuckerberg’s network, we also give you three tips to improve the interaction with your followers.

Not happy with the “old” social networks ? Do you like reading? In that case, I recommend you read our review of, a Spanish-speaking vertical social network for reading lovers.

We ended up making reference to the weekly column of the always brilliant Eduardo Prádanos. In this case, the protagonist of the same has been Delicious, the popular social bookmarking service .

As we see, social networks are present in all areas of our society.

How to create a Calendar and Content Plan for your Blog news service

How to create a Calendar and Content Plan for your Blog news service

Creating a calendar and content plan both your blog and social networks is more than necessary if you want to create a strategy to capture traffic and customers in the medium and long term, and what is more important,  email  list  it is necessary to optimize this strategy correctly so if you have a blog grab Excel and a notebook and take notes.Related image

Jesús Madurga Having a calendar and content plan in your strategy is the difference between fishing with a rod or fishing with your hand. Now you yourself value if it is worth having one.

What is a content plan and what is it for?

Definition of content plan

“A content plan is the method by which we create and program our calendar and content strategy in our blog, social networks, email marketing …”


Although in this case we are going to focus on the calendar and content plan for blog, this should be a joint strategy to attract customers online. Creating a strategy will allow you to program recruitment actions over time, improve those channels that are worse results or boost those that are working better.


What is a content plan for?

A content plan adds a lot of value to any brand. Among others, its greatest benefits are:

Improve brand image: Improve your brand image by disseminating valuable content. The reader will have more in mind your brand if your content is of quality and will see you as an expert in that matter, so that in the medium and long term your brand image as a reference in the sector will improve. This if you create items as they occur to you is practically impossible.

Get web traffic: Getting traffic is one of the greatest virtues of the content, since this will be the one that brings clients afterwards. Achieving quality traffic in abundance depends on the strategy we have planned, hence the importance of this strategy in the online marketing of the company.

Planning the times: Sometimes we do not have time to do everything or we have not calculated well. This with a content plan will never happen to you, or if it happens to you it will be the first time, afterwards you will already know the time that each task takes you and if you plan realistically you will always give time to everything.

Achieve the objectives: If you do not set goals you are more likely to put less effort into the tasks because there is no minimum to meet. With a content plan, you will be able to establish minimum objectives that will make you work harder to achieve them.

Optimize actions: With a content plan you will have a history of the actions taken, so you can see which ones have worked best and why to repeat them again and which ones have been the worst to improve them or stop doing them, with what you can take a constant optimization of your online marketing strategy.


Steps to create a content plan for the blog

Analysis Plan of ContentsAnalyze the current situation

A brief, concise situation analysis and highlighting the key points is how we do it in NeoAttack and how I recommend you do it. It is useless to make a hyper-extensive analysis since we will have to fine-tune it often, so that something concise and to the point in this case will be much better.

Instagram Guide Line

Instagram Guide Line

With this Instagram Guide you can get a global view of Instagram, both its configuration and the use we can make of this social network. The guide includes interviews with youtubers , the founder of instagramers and some case studies that will help you understand Instagram. In the blog we talked about Instagram and his fight with Snapchat a few months ago.

Instagram was born at the end of 2010 as a mobile app to share photos Buy Instagram Likes Currently it is the second social network with the largest number of users (600 million at the end of 2016) only surpassed by Facebook with 1790 million users.

Of all the countries where Instagram is implemented, the US stands out, where we find the largest number of users. On the other hand, it is estimated that 48% of US brands are registered, and in 2017 the figure will rise to 70%.

Index of the Instagram guide:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Instagram
  3. How to set up your account?
  4. How to optimize the management?
  5. How to generate good content?
  6. Instagram Marketing
  7. Instagram and the children


Thanks to María Lázaro, from the blog Hablando en Corto we have had access to the guide. I share this information with my readers because I think it can be useful to know the second most important social network in Spain and take advantage of its potential at the company level.

What is the Churn Rate and how is it calculated

What is the Churn Rate and how is it calculated

Measure the loyalty of your customers by calculating the Churn Rate  to know how many of these are left with you and how many leave you to go with the competition. Today in Soy de Marketing we will see its formula to find out exactly the proportion of clients who abandon us.

Capturing new customers is estimated to be about ten times more expensive than maintaining those that we already had in our portfolio. In order to develop marketing strategies Buy Facebook Page Like that allow us to retain customers, we first need to see an X-ray of the current state. For this the calculation of the Churn Rate is fundamental.

Some brands such as Harly Davison have managed to create a truly strong user community around a lifestyle that includes, for example, the need to own a brand bike. To get into the context, in the next section I discuss some of the results of a study on brand loyalty.


The research carried out by Andema had 1009 surveys conducted in all the Autonomous Regions of Spain and taking into account the population of these, for which a weighting was made. The error is +/- 3.1%.

  • Based on the results, a positive relationship is observed between age and the degree of fidelity , which means that in general terms we find more infidel to brands among young people.
  • The women are more faithful than men in almost all categories except those that refer to female cosmetics.
  • In the cities of intermediate size of the study, that is to say, those with between 50 and 100 thousand inhabitants “are the groups with the most faithful consumers . It should be noted that in the larger cities, great loyalty is observed when we talk about car brands.
  • Those consumers in charge of making home purchases postulate themselves as more faithful than those who make individual purchases for the home.
  • The group of respondents who declare to be a student seems to be more faithful to the brands in those groups of products and services where we are less faithful in a general line .

In addition, the study reflected the factors most in demand when evaluating a product / service according to the respondents. We must take into account the social desirability in the results. However, they serve for our starting point:

Churn Rate

The Churn Rate is a percentage that measures the rate of customer abandonment with respect to a service that is generally contracted by subscription. For example, telephone companies struggle to minimize their churn rate, which is synonymous with greater fidelity.

The columns represent the clients that enter / stay month by month and differ according to the month they arrived. In this way we can see that in September 141 came and in February there were 114 of those who had hired in September. Also in October, 87 entered and one month later only one had fallen (86). So on.


If we calculate the Churn Rate of each month (low / total customers) and we average, we obtain the monthly Chrun Rate of our service in the country. In this case, the Churn Rate is 3.20% . 
Knowing the number of average clients that contract the service and the Churn Rate, we can calculate the average losses per month. In our example, there are 77 new clients and 10 monthly losses.

Facebook E-Commerce

Facebook E-Commerce

Facebook e-commerce , this is how we will end up calling this social network in a few years. Some time ago, a professor of the subject that today would take the name of “digital marketing” told me; “Facebook is wrong betting on advertising, people do not enter Facebook to buy . ” Clearly I was wrong … Facebook increasingly bets more on e-commerce and shows it with a new ad format: Collection .

Collection is a new ad format that allows you to show an image or a video and below the featured products. When the user clicks on the Facebook ad, they Buy Facebook Followers access an immersive, fast-loading shopping experience in which up to 50 products can be viewed. At the moment the first to use it have been Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger.

Facebook wants brands to be able to tell visual stories with their products . The goal of Facebook was to unite video and products in order to offer a quick user experience around the purchase of branded products. 
According to “Omni-channel Shoppers” 45% of online sales go through a mobile action, which suggests that we still have much to improve in terms of the mobile experience. This type of multi-product advertising will benefit the cross-selling of other products, thus making advertising on the social network more effective.

In addition to this new format, Facebook will launch a new metric to measure “clicks out” , will show the number of clicks that lead to people outside of Facebook. This metric can be interesting to better optimize the investment in FB.