To improve our visibility in Google , it is necessary to select the keywords (keywords) appropriate for our business  Austria B2B Email Lists  . However, just as important is to monitor them and compare them with the positioning of our competition for the same keywords.

This way we will know if the changes that we apply in our website improve our positioning in front of our competitors and, consequently, we take a higher part of the visibility and the clicks.

If you already have selected the keywords that represent those aspects of your business that you want to boost at the SEO level , it is time to analyze the competition and its positioning with the same keywords , in order to learn from it and implement the necessary changes.

Do you know how to monitor your competitors? Next we propose three SEO tools that will allow you to do it. Keep reading😉


Without a doubt one of the best options. The Position Tracking tool of SEMRush allows you to see the ranking that your website occupies in the search engines for a series of keywords. Also, you add those keywords yourself (that’s why it’s so important to previously select them).

You can also add up to 4 competitors, so you can see what position they occupy in Google by competing with the same keywords.

SEMRush is, as you see, a versatile SEO tool that can also help you in other aspects, such as a general audit that identifies pages without title or meta description, images without alt attribute or pages with a low text-HTML relationship, between others.

The only downside? Its most economic plan is 100 dollars per month, although its free version allows you to discover, for example, your 10 main competitors or the 10 keywords with which your business is best positioned.  

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Austria Email Lists

Market Samurai

A tool also quite known. With Market Samurai you can track the most relevant keywords in your project. Its Rank Tracker module also allows you to analyze your position and that of your competitors with these keywords (like SEMRush).

Among its features, also highlights the Keyword Research , with which you can discover interesting keywords for your business from another, or the SEO Competition module , with which you can analyze your top 10 competitors.  

This tool is cheaper than SEMRush, since you only have to make a single payment of approximately 150 dollars.


Unlike the previous two, this tool is free. Although it has a much simpler interface, Rankerizer also allows you to monitor the evolution of your positioning in Google (and other search engines) with the keywords of your business, as well as analyze as many websites (competitors) as you want.

However, this tool does not compare the data, nor does it specify what percentage of visits you or your competitors get. Therefore, you can only make a comparison (manual) of the positions in Google of the competitors that you choose.

With these three tools you can know if your SEO strategy is working correctly and, if not, apply the necessary changes to achieve a better position in the search engines. We hope you find them useful! 
If you need help, in our digital marketing agency we have SEO consulting services ,



The digital presence of a business happens in the majority of occasions to be in the top positions of the main search engines . In Spain, we talk almost exclusively about Google  austria email lists  . So, if we are not present in those Google positions, there will be no client visiting our website.

The consequence?

Neither will we be able to position our business online, nor will we probably obtain sales or potential customers.

Therefore, while it is important to work on the visibility of a business on the Internet, it is essential to work it properly to reach the highest possible position in Google .

Although it may turn out to be a utopia, the ultimate goal would be to reach that desired first position in Google, always with those keywords that you consider relevant to your business.

If you do not know how to select the most suitable keywords for your business , as an SEO agency we have created this guide that can help you.

To finish convincing you of the importance of SEO and to reach the highest possible in Google, we want to give you some pretty revealing data.

This data will allow us to know what percentage of clicks get the top positions of Google . Lets go see it!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Austria Email Lists


Google Search Console is a great tool at the marketing level. One of its main reports is  Search Analytics , which lets you know the queries made by users who have activated the appearance of your website on Google.

In addition, based on each query, you can know your overall impressions (the number of times the query has been done on Google), both by country and globally, the position of your website, the clicks your business has achieved and the ratio of clicks on impressions (CTR).

In our digital marketing agency we have gone to our profile in Google Search Console, and we have selected a set of words that have brought traffic to our blog in the last 90 days, taking into account Spain’s location. Attention:

Queries Position CTR
blackhat seo 7.4 0.83%
links do not follow 4.7 11.46%
google tag manager tutorial 4.2 18.6%
I use social networks by ages 1,3 40.48%

As you can see, when we are in position 7 we do not get visits. On the other hand, if we place ourselves between 1 and 2 positions, we manage to attract more than 40% of the clicks generated by a search.

These results are quite consistent with studies such as the one published by Optify , in which it announced the percentages of clicks that each position received in Google:

  • # 1: 36.5%
  • # 2: 12.5%
  • #3. 9.5%
  • #4. 7.9%
  • #5. 6.1%
  • # 6 4.1%
  • # 7 3.8%
  • # 8 3.5%
  • # 9. 3.0%
  • # 10. 2.2%

Given such data, we hope we have convinced you of the importance of working correctly on the visibility of your business in Google. We suggest you take a look at Google Search Console to see what visibility you currently have and draw your own conclusions to improve it.

Buy click packs of Google Plus (+1) for Web Positioning

Buy click packs of Google Plus (+1) for Web Positioning

 Plussem: new business around Google Plus

With the good reception that the new Social Network Google + 1 is having , which has 20 million unique users in three weeks  buy email database  , a new business is born. It’s about Plussem . com a website selling click packs +1 to give social value to our content and improve search engine positioning .

Plussem . com , puts up for sale the followingthree click packs of theGoogle+1 button.

  • 50 clicks +1 for $ 19.99
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From Plussem . com ensure that the purchase of clicks +1  ensures that the content displayed on a Google+ profile “is real” and is not spam. “Like on Facebook with ‘Like’ or on Twitter with ‘Follow’ adds a human aspect with the ranking algorithm used by the search engines and the ‘social bookmarking’ of the sites.

Email Database

Data on the sale of clicks +1 ‘of Google

  1. All +1 clicks come from people with a Google account that has been verified by phone (verified accounts)
  2. All +1 clicks come from real people. Robots are not being used.
  3. All +1 clicks are done manually go to your website and click on the +1 button
  4. All clicks +1 is being given from the different IP address
  5. All +1 clicks are given every couple of days, so it seems natural.

We only need to know what Google thinks about this type of service since in other occasions I use penalties for the sale of links .

Adventurers who want to buy a pack of Google +1 clicks do not have to buy it in Plussem . com