Would you like to surprise your customers for Valentine’s Day and, bounce back, increase sales? Valentine’s Day does not just talk about love between couples  Belgium opt in email lists  . A brand can also reach the hearts of its customers.

On the Internet you will probably find countless cases of successful Valentine’s campaigns. In addition, surely many of them refer to multinationals and are not available to small and medium enterprises. Do not worry, here you will find the advice you are looking for, available to companies of all sizes.

Falling in love with your customers on Valentine’s Day is not difficult. Next we explain it to you.


1. Create a special packaging for the occasion

Wrap the orders with a special paper for the occasion, or send them in a packaging with the theme of Valentine’s Day.

There are studies that reveal that an order or a gift tend to like more if the box or packaging is beautiful. Will you lose the chance?

2. Give chocolate or chocolate

If you are an ecommerce, you could perfectly add a bag of chocolates in the box of the order, along with a little note on which you could read: “Happy Valentine”.

If you have a physical establishment, you could also leave chocolates on a plate at the counter, inviting customers to pick one up.

3. Create a sweet discount coupon

LOVE, FELIZSANVALENTIN, ALLDOOR … Think what word or short phrase is best suited to your business, and create a discount coupon. Not only you will be promoting sales, but you will also start a smile to your customers.

4. Organize contests or draws

Launch a question, create a draw for one of your star products … The draws and thematic contests are ideal to increase the database.

You can always turn to curiosities about Valentine’s Day if you can not think of any specific question. What do you think about the following:

“How many percent of women send flowers to themselves for Valentine’s Day in the United States?”

5. Use a cheesy tone on your social networks and in your email campaign

The goal is to make you fall in love with a good marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day . Think of a nice claim, something sticky … and add it in social networks and in the sending of your email campaign.

Publishing or sending something different from the usual always attracts attention. And if it melts your customers with love … What more can you ask for?

With these five tricks to make Valentine’s marketing for small and medium businesses we close this post. We hope we have helped you a little bit and that your next campaign for Valentine’s Day is a success. Oh, and … Happy Valentine! (If you read this on February 14).