It has been delayed, but at last Google and Hootsuite have reached an agreement so that Google+ company pages can be managed from the Hootsuite board with all the price plans, that is, if until now this was only possible in the Enterprise version of Hootsuite, we can do it from any plan, both the Pro and the free .

Great news that will allow us to rescue more than one company page from oblivion and turn it into a true digital marketing tool,  buy youtube views  since there was no reasonable way to manage posts on various social networks if it was not always working from the same Google+ page and using subterfuges like the

But attention! The new functionality of Hootsuite is valid for pages, not for profiles.

In short, now some observations about the installation:

First of all you have to enter with the browser in the Google+ profile associated with the company page that we want to include in Hootsuite.

and quite possibly will continue its trend throughout 2013, in video game applications, social networks, entertainment, news and useful applications for the user.

Nor should we forget the deep success of applications aimed at sharing multimedia content (photos and video) like Instagram, with 50 million downloads in iTunes is one of the most popular applications worldwide.

Next we go to Hootsuite (always with the same user of the browser with which we have connected to Google+) and click on the icon (red arrow).

This is the place to check the real connections Hootsuite maintains , because you may have deleted tabs on the board, but that does not mean that Hootsuite is connected to that social network.

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If you use the free plan and you already have five networks connected, you will have to delete some to make room for Google+ or move to the payment plan.

You give “Add social network” and the following panel opens:Clicking on “Connect with Google+” offers you to import your page or company pages. If you leave the automatic creation of columns checked, you will not have to create them later.

If you also want to add another column, such as the messages published or the column corresponding to a specific circle, click on add column and it appears:

Very simple and very useful. An important change for Google+? Of course, because many do not want to launch into the arms of Gooogle + , but we would like to make this social network coexist with Twitter, Facebook and company.

And publishing at the same time in all is the first step.