Social networks have continued to be an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for any company. In this 2016 that ends we have continued to see the consolidation of social networks in society. Even Google values ​​more content based on the impact on social networks    Brazil business mailing list   . Therefore, before the end of the year, we have to sit down and analyze the changes in social networks.


Social networks have turned this 2016 with videos. The brands have gone from using video 22% in 2014 to 79% this year according to the Warc data, the publication of videos has tripled. Therefore, it has become an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for companies.


The companies have decided to take the reins of the content and bet on the creation of stories. The trend in recent years was that the content came from consumers, but now it changes again.

Brands want to control the message to users. And, for that, they generate stories that structure the content strategy.


Companies that take advantage of big data to design their digital marketing strategy have also continued to grow. Information is power and brands know it. There are studies that indicate that 56% of companies use big data to generate information from within and 59% use it to improve the segmentation of campaigns.

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Although an improvement was expected at this point, it could not be like that. Brands are still corseted in the short term when we talk about social media strategy. Campaigns are worked with very short calendars, working against the clock and taking, in many cases, less benefit.

The budgets of the campaigns denote this lack of awareness about the long term, since it has been falling in recent years. And this affects both the potential long-term use of a strategy and the organic scope, which is less.

4 very interesting trends that have been drawing this 2016. It will be necessary to be aware of what 2017 has in store to create the strategies according to the times but differentiating us from the rest of the brands. And in that we are specialists in Mediaclick .